EarthMindedRainBarrels is your authorized source to purchase OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts designed and developed by EarthMark / EarthMinded. The RainStation Rain Barrel and other parts used for rainwater harvesting will be found on this site. The RainStation Rain Barrel's unique method of connecting to a gutter's downspout has really increased users satifaction and decreased the stress that was previously caused when having to cut or disassemble a downspout. offers the full line of replacement parts for those that are expanding their systems or need to replace a part.

Barry has been involved with rainwater harvesting since 2005. With years of actual completed installations to his credit he can be best reached by email with your questions and concerns. Please include low resolution images as they will always allow him to 'see' what you are saying. Barry has assisted thousands of newbies and pro's alike with working through the parts and pieces to create successful rain water harvesting projects.

Why the move to 100% online? 2017 was not a great year for Barry. After 7 surgeries it was a struggle to survive the cold wet winters of Maryland. Barry and his lovely bride packed up the business, collected all the critters and headed South. The new 13 acre homestead just outside of Savannah, GA represents another new chapter of exciting challenges ahead.

Barry Chenkin, the founder, is not one for accepting the status quo when determining ways to house, feed and water the critters in residence.  Barry and Ming have developed several other businesses: MuddyHillFarmTastyWorms, and WaterPolyCrystals. They are all founded on the unrelenting principal of common sense and ease of use when caring for trusted companions. You have our word that we will do all we can to provide only the best products we can source for you.

We invite your feedback and strive to ensure you have positive experiences with our products!


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